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Winter walk in Mougins

Chef de cuisine « Denis Fétisson »


Appetizer of the month

Royal of spiny lobster, rice veil in flower petals 38€

romanesco, wasabi & Nobu sauce

King prawns carpaccio in candied citrus fruit flavor€ 39

Cristes Marine sorbet

Andignac foie gras ravioli € 36

"Delicatesse" potatoes, supreme sauce emulsion

Traditional mélanosporum truffle & andignac foie gras in puff pastry 45€

The Fish

Bouillabaisse of local fish served as consommé, steamed with anglerfish lemon leaves, St. pierre and red mullet52€

Gnocchi with spider crab, crispy rouille

Turbot cooked under the grill in lemon bread flakes50€

Didier Ferreint field vegetables & saffron velouté from Jas des Rochers

From the land

Lamb from the Capolino family's "Ferme des Palets",55€

Rack of lamb stuffed with rennet, saddle of lamb served pink with garlic pebre and roasted kidney, Pascale garnish, Saint-Julien thyme juice

Roasted Black Angus beef from Creekstone farm, Smoked with pine needles from Saint Julien55€

Celery spiral with Melanosporum truffle & thym juice

Sweet creation

Traditional hot mandarin soufflé20€

almond financier, imperial mandarin coulis

72 % Peruvian chocolate bark from the Duplanteur factory, iced coffee, 20€

Tonka bean cream, roasted buckwhea

Voile d'agrumes en crème végan au citron, pomelos, kumquat, lime en segments20€

bille de thé noir au laurier, fleur de sureau

Iced Colonel 20€

Grey Goose Vodka, lime and lemon

Brie de Meaux with Truffle Melanosporum from the Var20€

Refined by us

American beef
- French lamb
Prix Nets – Service inclus
Net Prices – Included Service