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Autumnal walk in Mougins

Chef de cuisine « Denis Fétisson »


Blue lobster and salmoned trout royale, romanesco wasabi 38€

Bisque with saffron pistils from Cipières, Massaged Girolle mushroom with tarragon

Golden egg with Petrossian Caviar, Japanese pearl in ginger vinegar32€

Small rye flour bread croutons

King prawns carpaccio in candied citrus flavor39€

Sea fennel sorbet, olive oil from château « Virant »

Andignac’s duck foie gras ravioli with truffle 36€

« Delicatesse » potatoes, yellow wine and truffle from le Var supreme sauce

In tribute to chef Philippe Da Silva

The cep mushroom in puff pastry 35€

Pumkin and crispy almonds, spinach salad, muscat grape juice

The Fish

Bouillabaisse of local fish served as consommé, steamed with anglerfish lemon leaves, St. pierre and red mullet52€

Buckwheat gnocchi, crispy rouille

Turbot cooked under the grill in lemon bread flakes50€

Smoked and roasted sweet potato tataki with sesame, vinegared pak choi tartare, lemongrass miso broth

From the land

Lamb from the Capolino family's "Ferme des Palets",55€

Sheep’s milk tart with rosemary, asparagus salpicon, tubers, Saint-Julien Thyme juice

Roasted Black Angus beef from Creekstone farm, Smoked with pine needles from Saint Julien55€

Cep mushroom cooked in puff pastry, pumkin ans nuts, muscat grape juice

Sweet creation

Traditional warm strawberry soufflé20€

sheep's milk sorbet, strawberry jam, lime meringue

72 % Peruvian Duplanteur chocolate, creamy tonka, thyme pannacotta, truffled caramel, pistachio spongecake, chocolate pleated, cocoa sorbet20€

Blackcurrant veil in vegan blueberry cream, seasonal fruits, orange blossom gel20€

Iced Colonel 20€

Grey Goose Vodka, lime and lemon

Monteiro’s goat cheese20€

Honey from saint Julien and olive oil from château Virant

American beef
- French lamb
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Net Prices – Included Service