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Promenade d’été à Mougins

Chef de cuisine « Denis Fétisson »


Appetizer of the month

Blue lobster in fine ravioli powdered with black lemon and kumquat € 29

remoulade celery with mustard seeds

Duck foie gras from Andignac pan-fried with Madagascar pepper € 35

Red kuri squash, fresh walnut, Muscat grape juice with walnut wine

King prawns carpaccio, citrus flavor candied€ 38

Mango and lobster coulis, smoked caviar

Riviera salad from Place de Mougins€ 28

Seasonal vegetables in olive oil from the virant castle

Zucchini flower stuffed with Mediterranean sea bass with fine herbs€ 26

Apricot zucchini tartare with almonds

The Fish

Mediterranean wild Leerfish rubbed with basil leaves and then grilled39€

Turnip from la Roquette-sur-Siagne cooked with wild fennel, Crab meat ravioli

Turbot cooked under the grill in lemon bread flakes46€

Zucchini flower stuffed with ratatouille, Smoked zucchini coulis with pine nuts

From the land

Lamb from the Palet Farm of the Capolino family cooked with savory55€

Candied delicacy potatoes with sage, Greek artichoke, Saint Julien thyme juice

Piece ok Black Angus beef from Creekstone farm, 46€

Ceps sautéed with garlic, Pissaladière fine tartlet with figs and rosemary, Thyme Juice

Sweet creation

Grapefruit from the Pays Niçois in supreme and sorbet18€

creamy jasmine, ganache with vanilla

Hot William pear souffle,20€

Almond financier and Pear sorbet

Mille-feuilles cake of vanilla and noisettine country bread lace20€

The creation of the moment18€

M. Monteiro goat cheese selection20€

With jams Stephan Perrotte (Best jam maker of France 2014, World champion of jam 2015)

American beef
- French lamb
Prix Nets – Service inclus
Net Prices – Included Service